Companies that are selected into this elite program are given the tools and support systems necessary to plan for and execute an M&A event (exit).

VAIREX air systems

VAIREX air systems is a revenue-stage supplier of enabling technology to the global fuel cell industry, with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and a sales office in Tokyo, Japan.  The company develops and manufactures fuel cell air management systems for 1-20 kW fuel cells used for telecom backup, fuel cell electric forklifts, distributed generation, and electric vehicle range extenders.  VAIREX is the technology leader in its space, with proven products, experienced management, established customer relationships, a robust supply chain, world-class manufacturing facility, rapidly growing revenues, positive gross margins, and break-even EBIDTA. 

Leo Technologies

Our health requires a new way to monitor hydration that’s both simple and accurate. Leo Technologies has pioneered revolutionary technology to meet this pervasive and critical need. Accurate hydration monitoring is a key to optimizing human athletic performance.  Hydration is also a key bio metric that has direct bearing on many health conditions.  Unique and proprietary, Leo Tech has filed for four patents on this new methodology.


Yonomi is a mobile app and Cloud service that makes your life with connected devices richer, yet simpler.  Today that list of connected devices includes some you may already own such as Sonos, Nest, FitBit and Philips Hue. It is likely that tomorrow, that list of connected devices will include the next car, appliance, watch, or door lock you buy. Your connected devices should react to you, not the other way around. Yonomi automatically discovers and coordinates the activities of all your connected devices so that they work in unison to improve your life.

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