Actuator brings together the resources to achieve Early Exits by focusing on:​

  • Customer acquisition to prove the business model
  • Capital acquisition from aligned investors
  • Talent acquisition to build the initial team and Board of Directors
  • Planning the exit of the company up front
  • Facilitating an early exit to benefit all involved

Covalency and Innosphere are working to build lasting, great companies—companies that build tangible, real value. Companies that create opportunities for successful exits. And companies that meet the financial goals of everyone involved.

Actuator creates alignment to be successful:

  • Founders, inventors and executive insiders
  • Investors interested in early exits
  • Expert advisors and specialists
  • Target customers, strategic partners, and acquisition candidates
  • Your Covalency and Innosphere support team

Actuator target industries:

  • Digital health
  • Medical device
  • B2B software
  • Cleantech
  • Electronics and hardware
  • Communications technologies

That's the Actuator model. That's Covalency and Innosphere

the actuator model

Achieving early exits through active management