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Early-stage investments can bring outstanding investment returns, but each deal is unique, often complex, time-consuming and high-risk. Assessing the team, product, technology, market, and valuation, then tracking the investments over the long term, bringing in follow-on investment and seeking near-term liquidity events, for example, all require deep expertise, strong leadership and commitment to success from both the investors and the entrepreneur. That combination can make it difficult proposition for the typical angel investor or Family Office investor to make the early-stage investments that minimize risk and provide substantial returns.  Actuator Capital Investors is the solution to this challenge.​

About Actuator Capital Investors

Actuator Capital Investors is the investment arm of Actuator, a collaboration between two of Colorado’s top resources for entrepreneurs in Colorado: Covalency and Innosphere.  Our collaboration resulted in the creation and launch of the only program in the U.S. that deliberately aligns the interests of the startup, the investor and the support team to create early, managed exits.

Actuator Capital Investors (ACI) are a select group of investors who have exclusive access to invest in Actuator companies. Becoming an Actuator Capital Investor provides the security of investing in companies with experienced and active management committed to the company and driving toward near-term exits.

ACI offers the opportunity of investing in startups with C-suite executives who have who have built technology companies from very beginning to successful exit, multiple times.  Actuator partners have worked with dozens of companies and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars which have resulted in successful exits and strong returns for investors. We have been there before and are already proving our model with initial investments into early stage technology companies.

Our mission is work with a select number of investments to help actualize success by providing ongoing active management of portfolio companies and achieving early exits.

Becoming an Actuator Capital Investor
Membership in Actuator Capital Investors is an exclusive and opportunity to invest in a portfolio of hand-selected, early-stage technology companies based in Colorado and select companies in the Western United States. Invest with those who know the markets, with proven leadership and deep commitment to steer early stage investments toward near-term liquidity.

Meet and invest with an exclusive group of qualified investors. We invite you to learn more about becoming an ACI member. Please reach out to Rob Geller at

Benefits for Actuator Capital Investors

  • Exclusive access to hand-selected, vetted, investment opportunities
  • Membership in an exclusive investment network
  • Earlier liquidity than traditional funds; an emphasis on early exits
  • Active management of investments aligned with your interests
  • Low burn rate “Capital Light” company business model