Our partners have been forged by fire to bring creative, active solutions to early-stage, high-growth companies. We offer a rewarding alternative to the “all-in” entrepreneurship model because we believe success comes from a network of highly talented resources that can be applied to difficult challenges.  Benefits of our partner model include:

  • Mental stimulation and learning that comes from working with multiple companies
  • Having flexibility of time on a week to week basis and more vacation time on an annual basis.
  • The fulfillment of knowledge transfer and mentorship of inside company executives while helping to build great companies
  • A compelling diversified package of equity upside and cash compensation
  • The benefit of using Covalency’s best practices and the ability to add to this body of knowledge
  • Fun and professional development of being in a collaborative partnership

becomE a covalency partner

We are constantly seeking new executive leadership with early-stage experience. We find the best partners come through our network of peers. If you have what it takes to bring rapid success to our portfolio of companies, get in touch with us through one of our current partners, or complete the partner contact form.

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