Improve your value and your access to financing. We’re more than an accelerator. We pick up where accelerators leave off, providing both capital and hands-on guidance to navigate your success through to exit. Benefits of our Actuator Model include:

  • A team of experienced executives with skin in the game and aligned interests - partners from now through exit
  • Covalency fractional model provides more brains around the table and effective use of cash and equity compensation
  • Capacity to flex up to cover peak and special situation demands
  • Expertise in company positioning, team building, strategic partnering, financing, and exit transactions
  • Access to our network of financing sources
  • We increase the value of your company and the likelihood of success.

Apply today to take the advantage of this unique program.

  • Capital light investment requirements limiting future dilution risk
  • Potential for early and/or large exits; identifiable M&A targets
  • Capable and flexible executive teams  
  • Strong and defensible Intellectual Property
  • Strong combination of market size potential, differentiation, value propositions and go to market strategies

Companies selected in the Actuator program by Covalency and Innosphere meet specific criteria that qualify them into the program:

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